About us

Arboristfind.com is a project that resulted from the pooling together of the expertise of a group of professional arborists, who decided to create a tool to help anyone looking for a professional to care for their trees.

The widespread lack of cultural awareness and regulations means that it is usually common practice to call in a gardener to tend to one's trees. Although they me be experts in the creation and maintenance of gardens, not all gardeners have the required skills required for also dealing with trees. 

Arborists, on the other hand, are experts in the care and management of trees. They possess the required knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in arboriculture, biology and phytopatology etc, and work according to the most modern arboricultural techniques. 

Employing a professional arborist to care for one's own trees is important! 

Contacting a professional arborist means being able to call upon the skills of an expert who understands trees perfectly, knows what they need and what to do to get them to live healthily, long and in safety. A professional arborist is someone who is passionate about trees, whowill only recommend the work that is required, not just for the health and safety of trees but of people as well.