Code of Conduct

Professional arborists who register with Arboristfind agree to comply with this Code of Conduct, the aim of which is formalise the fundamental ethical values to which all professional arborists must aspire, and to which they will adhere when undertaking the tasks and duties entrusted to them as part of their profession of caring for trees.

Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in an arborist's name being removed from the Arboristfind portal.

The Code of Conduct sets out the appropriate and applicable standards of professional conduct and explains the minimum ethical behaviour required of professional arborists registered on the Arboristfind portal.

Code of Conduct of arborists listed in Arboristfind

Given that Cities need trees as a key element for ensuring life a tree needs to be able to develop to its full potential, having all the space and conditions it requires. The arboreal heritage should be viewed as a system and, should be evaluated, planned and managed as such. A tree contributes to a location's culture and to improving living conditions in urban areas - both key factors when it comes to the quality of life in cities. Arborists are professionals who take care of trees. They are capable of dealing with all kinds of trees, in any setting, and they are involved throughout all of tree's different stages of life: layout or installation; choice of species; planning the care and pruning; checking and controlling the stability and for the presence of diseases, etc. 

Professional arborists registered with Arboristfind must:

  • Comply with all laws, regulations, policies and ethical standards governing their professional work, including those relating to workplace safety.
  • Adhere to the relevant safety procedures when carrying out their work, in order to protect customers, employers, employees and the general public against those conditions in which injury and/or other damages are reasonably foreseeable.
  • Provide accurate, complete and truthful information about their training, including that relating to certifications.
  • Be aware of their own professional limitations and only provide services that they are truly capable of delivering.

Professional arborists registered with Arboristfind, as professional arborists, as individuals or on behalf of bodies/companies 
that they represent or for which they work, undertake to:

  • carry out work on a tree in line with the principles and best practices of modern arboriculture; 
  • promote the proper management of trees;
  • encourage the spread of a culture with regard to trees and the use of proper working techniques;
  • develop and promote information and management initiatives that will assist trees to grow in conditions of quality and dignity;
  • put forward policies, regulations, standards and practices that will ensure the best possible conditions for the life of a tree;
  • organise and promote cultural events associated with the world of arboriculture;
  • promote their own professional development.

Where Arboristfind is informed about cases of misconduct that contradict this Code of Ethics, it reserves the right, once it has confirmed the veracity of the report, to refuse to renew registration to the portal by the arborist.