How to choose an arborist to care for your trees

Any work on trees should always be carried out by specialist professionals who are capable of working professionally, according to the most modern arboricultural techniques. Arborists work on a scientific basis: pollarding, lopping and drastic pruning are practices to be avoided. Be wary of those who are quick to suggest that a tree should be felled!

How to choose an arborist

  • Always ask to see a professional CV, check what training they have undergone and what experience they have in arboricultural work. Ask for references to find out for whom they may have carried out work that is similar to what you are requesting.
  • Check the curriculum to see whether or not the arborist belongs to any professional organisations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the national sections or other organisations. Membership of such a professional body demonstrates the willingness of the arborist to keep up to date and, as a result, to maintain his ability to carry out quality work on trees.
  • Always ask for a quote (in writing) that describes, in detail, the work that the arborist intends to carry out. A low quote may be an indication of the poor quality of the work that will be undertaken. When comparing quotes you should not simply focus on the financial aspect, but you should also take a number of other things into account. For example, the professional curriculum, the technical and organisational skills, the know-how and expertise, the professionalism and the guarantees regarding the successful outcome of the work.
  • Check for third party liability insurance, and ask for a copy of the insurance insurance policy.
  • Ask for any certifications, checking that any employees are properly insured.
  • If the work on the tree entails the use of tree climbing techniques, check that the arborist is authorised to work with ropes. As a general rule, when it comes to the work that is to be undertaken, always ensure that the arborist complies with all the rules and regulations governing safety at work. 

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