What is Arboristfind?

Are you looking for a professional to tend to your trees?

You've come to the right place! Arboristfind.com is the first and only portal in the world on which it is possible to search for arborists to care for trees, providing information about their qualifications, skills and professional qualities.
Arboristfind.com is where it is possible to find an arborist to care for one's trees, searching on the basis of a geographical area, the type of work to be undertaken and the specific skills and qualifications etc.

The portal ONLY lists those professionals specialising in the care of trees who, by having registered, have agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct.

Employing a professional arborist to care for one's own trees is important! 

Arborists, who are knowledgeable about of biology, botany, the physiology of trees, environmental protection and the safety regulations governing both the work to be carried and the areas in which they will be working, will care for trees in a totally professional manner.

Arborists know how to manage tree planting and how to professionally and expertly handle all the different stages of a tree's life: the layout or installation; the choice of species; planning, tending and pruning; censusing; checking and controlling the trees' stability and the diagnosing of diseases, etc.

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Choosing an arborist to care for one's own trees has never been so fast! Results can be filtered by geographical location, specialisation and the type of work required.

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