Why use a professional arborist?

An arborist specialises in the care of the trees.

An arborist knows what trees need and is capable of managing trees all of kinds, providing them with the care they require. An arborist knows about the biology and physiology of different species of trees and is familiar with modern working techniques (types and periods of pruning and the correct use of techniques, tools and equipment). An arborist's work ALWAYS focusses on the wellbeing of the tree on which he/she has been called to tend to. When working at heights arborists will, depending on their experience and awareness, adopt the best method for operating safely, using either elevating work platforms or by employing tree climbing techniques (or even both). Arborists work independently and responsibly: erroneous work on a tree can result in its death or give rise to issues of public safety (for example, the sudden fall of the branches onto a city street).

The main services provided by an arborist

• Planting design - choosing the type of plant that best suits the setting;
• Planning of post-planting care and maintenance (pruning, irrigating, fertilising etc.);
• Evaluating and monitoring of the vegetative, phytosanitary and structural condition of 
the trees.

On a practical level, arborists can handle:

• the planting (positioning) of trees;
• pruning;
• urgent work 
(consolidating and pruning of foliage, felling of trees at risk of falling); • felling (total cutting and removal of the stump with milling);
• phytosanitary treatments against diseases;
• fertilising and improving rooting conditions. 

Arborists will ALWAYS comply with work safety standards and public safety regulations when managing those areas surrounding trees, thus avoiding risks to people or things.